The importance of Vitamin B complex + Vitamin d3 + Magnesium + Omega 3


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80% of somalis are deficient in the vitamins and nutrients in the title of this thread

our hatred of seafood is probably one of the reasons we almost all have vitamin b deficiency and i believe this is one of the leading factors behind the mental health crisis in the somali community.

so i suggest you all eat small oily fish and take supplements for the magnesium preferably a chelated one


The Special One
Spinach, melon and pumpkin seeds, fish, yams, sweet potatoes, okra, beans, organ meats, cassava, eggs, rice
lots of legumes good for nutrition but optimum for brain health? i will not deny its better then camel milk and camel meat
So, one time I was feeling low in energy and could barely muster any mental effort so I went to the doctors for a check up. My doctor couldn't believe I was standing in front of him with barely any vitamin D in my body.
Most Somali and ethnic patient I have get haematinics blood test and vit D levels. You’d be surprised with the diverse symptoms these deficiencies can cause.


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Which of these vitamins are best suited for reversing acne and what foods do they naturally occur in,(note this is acne I acquired as a side effect of a faulty beauty product).