The hypocrisy of women

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Classy not Ashy, walaahi
I remember vividly at my old work this one lady slapped my ass randomly. I never felt so violated in my life :jcoleno:
Waryaahe are u sure she wasn't reer Castor Semenya?

Sxb these days qawmu-luud come in many shapes and forms.
isilaali baan ku idhi
If you and your coworker are friends slapping her ass without permission isn't going to enrage her now asking to slap her ass is different because you are insinuating she enjoys that and her reply is "no, I'm not that type of girl". Which is correct she doesn't want to give you permission to violate her anytime however that one unexpecting slap probably caught her off guard and because you guys are friends she laughed it off and considered it something harmless.
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