The genius of detachment

The genius of detachment when engaged in something is that you get more out of the situation
A good example is one of my encounters I was once sitted in a fancy restaurant frequented by the hip kind when an exceptionally beautiful
woman walked in and sat directly opposite me, immediately she caught the attention of every male in the restaurant whether accompanied
or not and you could actually see and sense the drolling, our eyes briefly locked in a nonchalant manner as she was sitting and we both looked away. She was a woman who appeared to be used to all the attention and seemed totally eased about it. So me in my usually seemingly oblivious way i continued with my thoughts and cuppa tea. Never again did i turn an eye on her side for the next 10 minutes yet inside i was
ravaging with pure sexual tension managing as my usual self to keep it all in the lid. To cut a long story short after the 10 minutes or so i started to sense some
movements from her side and i took a cursory glance at her side and noticed that she was eyeing me.relaxed me continued his business, the movements started
getting louder and of a bit if a restless nature. Super ice me didnt once look up to respond to this movements. This was a lady who was not used to being ignored and atfer a next excruciating 10 minutes obvoiusly on her side:) the noises or sounds coming from her side were of an agitated kind, so finally i looked up and looked directly at her she was a complete wreck, gone was all the confidence of the woman that walked in a little bit earlier.she smiled coyly at me
and looked down and i knew she was taken another of my conquests through the strategic tactic of engaging while detached. The rest of what happened
was just formalities.


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