The Gaajo Kingdom, Ladies and Gentlemen


Veni Vidi Vici
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Its all a facade.
I work in the industry. I don’t drive trucks, but plan journeys for driving company and it will be an ugly winter. Today the Uk is asking for foreign drivers to come in. They are willing to ignore the brexit rules and drivers can drive more hours

This crisis has been coming. There are 70k qualified drivers in Uk who refuse to drive. The money is not good, anti social hours, long hours and you get treated like sh1t. 1990 truck drivers was getting 15 pound per hour. Today they get 12 pound. I talked out my friend from becoming one


Where are the northern racists that voted Brexit. Force them to drive. Get benefits and drive you lazy sods!

Can you imagine Somalians moved from good countries like Holland, Sweden, Denmark and Germany to this shithole cos ceeydh was higher in the UK at the time...68 IQ can't be defeated :mjlaugh:
We're making fun of a 1st world nation, a nation that ruled the world. A nation whose language we are communicating in right now.
If UK is 3rd world what are we?
When Somalia becomes developed I wounder if we will gain some humility or if our self important and grandiose will be off the scales.