The future


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For a simple fact, Somali will be wipped out from the maps of the world within the next future generations. With the way the rest of the world is advancing and how Somalia can't even figure out how to set up an actual government that is capable of educating the masses, wiping those backward "Terrorist" and setting up a country that is not only strong but capable of becoming a world leader in the continent of Africa. Dividing the country into different faction states will cause competition within our own borders which will slowly kill us be it by foreign influence or by our own unwillingness to move to the future. As a result of this,they won't be any "Somalia" not now or no in the future
If the pace of technology slows down I think Africa has a chance to catch up, but if it doesnt Africa might be left behind.

Somalia couldve been in a really great place economically and regionally perhaps if the civil war and chaos that followed it did not last for so long. I also agree these "states" are simply clan states and risk being broken apart further if not reorganized. In general clans pose more issues to somali governance then the benefits they can provide.


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The playing field will become more level once knowledge and science becomes easier to access.

Hundreds of digital classroom start-ups are trying to revolutionize education which will lead to drastic cost reductions.

I can download a blueprint for a steel furnace within 10 minutes.

A couple of decades ago that would've been export restricted knowledge.