The Friendzone

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not so sad after all
the friendzone is dumb, if u like a girl nin rag iska dhig and make a move. if u feel like u can't befriend a girl without catching feelings, then don't befriend one :westbrookwtf:. why u hangin around like a puppy waiting for something to happen, then complain about being put in the mythical friendzone :lol:
most arent even in the 'friend'zone, but more the casual aquaintance zone:uCkf6mf:
I can count on one hand the amount of guy friends I have and like @angrycat says I think they would be better classified as aquaintances. We aren't calling each other up every week to meet up like I do with my female friends but I have known them for a while and they have good character. I dont business with trash.


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A friend in need is a friend indeed lol

Sharing is caring, why does she have to be just your friend shii saxiib she's every bodies friend.


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Depends what is in it for me. Girls usually drain you emotionally by telling you their life story, daily live stuff. If you ain't
banging it, it is not worth it. Keeping girls as acquaintances is okay though.
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