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The evolution of Somali cyber forums

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On a hot summer in 1999, and the Y2K phenomenon scaring everyone, I finally received my own personal computer as a present from my mum. At the time this one was a massive achievement for me, been only a kid, but little did know the pain of dial up internet, if you don't know then you will never know.:mad:
After a week, I downloaded the search engine AltaVista, as google was not around or popular at the moment, and typed in "Somalia", and thus began an interesting journey.
The first thing that came up was somnet forums, I clicked on it and began reading the forums. Page after page of hilarious topics, from.. which qabil has the hottest girls to HG vs MJ to are Somalis Arab or African to who's the hottest guy in London to woolwich boys to Faraxs vs Xalimos, day and night i was glued to the screen reading them and having to deal with many pages written in Somali. Been only 10 years since the civil war, their was still a lot of animosity, a lot of karbashing and hilarious characters like a guy called Ninxoon who use to diss Somali girls who went out with black guys, he made the term "Cheap and clean " famous:ftw9nwa: .
From 2004 that old era started to fad, and new kids arrived on the block, but this time it was all about qaxris, exposing other members. I watched from a far as numerous member got exposed, many driven into early retirement, i stayed up all night laughing at their miss fortunes and I still wonder how they got exposed.
Never less around the same time two other Somali forum became popular, Somaliaonline and Somalilife.
Somaliaonline was a hub of intellectual buzz, where intelligent member discussed topics in a civilized manner. The issue of Qabil was regulated strictly and members had to toe the lines, complete opposite of somnet.I believe many of those members have gone on to bigger things.

Somalilife on the hand was wild, the average age was 17-25, and it was the first time people actually posted pics of themselves:ftw9nwa:, something which was new at the time.. I remember group of ciyaal suuq guys who use to steal the pics of girls and expose them in what would latter became Somaligate :ftw9nwa: some of those pics where stolen from Slife . The topics won't much different to earlier forums, the usual, whos hotter, qabil vs qabil, arab v african, and faraxs vs xalimos, but it was the first time I saw young Somalis breaking out from the mold of their predecessors and discussing intellectual topics. For some reason the forum was shut down after few years.

And today, here we are today on Somalispot, the latest in the evolution of Somali forums.

If you have any funny stories or memories, please share.:gnzbryw:


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Slife shut down when one of the admins betrayed the other and deleted the website, it never recovered.


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I miss Slife. :mjcry: I met cool people's on there. I had my best shukaansi moments on there. Shit I was like Wayne in his prime when it came to shukansi on Slife.:wow:


Slife was good but not better then somnet from 1998-2003, the amount of creativity those people had was amazing. lets hope we can have a bit of that here.
Dude what about Somaliways? Qarxis.com? Somali UK Forum?

There's also other big forums with a Strong Somali presence


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I was a member of Somalilife.com. Allsomaliforum. Qarxis.com and somalizone.com
I'm Somali forumer since from 2001 Kacabso. I miss these days.

SS becoming booming place too. Masha-allah
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