the drought is finally over

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El padrone

Hedonist, Depressive realist, Existential nihilist
I have never understood music wallah. As in how do you get excited about someone speaking over a instrumental? Most of the times the lyrics are repetitive/boring. Its always on:
- Money
- Sex/Love
- Struggle

What confuses me even more is people who get excited when new music is released and those music reaction channels. This isn't even coming from a religious point of view, I just don't like music. I do listen to Ard Adz, Joe Blacks, Nines... sometimes but wallahi it gives me a headache.

I've worked as a steward at a music festival and wallahi i broke down mentally. My head was about to explode. Sound and people fucking irritate me. Why can't people just be silent? Theres nothing better than a quiet enviroment.

If you like manly feelings music, I gotchu fam! Look no further than good ole country music.

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