The Diaspora Mother Shameless Tweet

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Sad but true. Not completely though. Some girls see this as great as the moon landing wtf. How low must ones self esteem be that they feel like they've entered the gates of Jannah. The niggas are no different. Somalis are turning into the cadaan cucks on Stormfront. I haven't seen this much made sucka shit coming from both genders in my life. Truly giving Somalis a bad rep. Just move the f*ck along and live your life nacalaa SMH

Which girl hurt and how bad did your mother do to raise a son with such trashy attitudes? :ileycry::mugshotman:
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We should definitely introduce Capital gains tax Siil - or foreign takeover siil Tax -

Sidaan simahan we need to benefit from this boom industry:)


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LOL! If Idris has any kind of presence online at all then this relationship will probably end real soon. I would love to be a fly on the wall if he brought up in conversation to her the topic of somali men going bat sh*t crazy over their relationship.

I kind of sympathize with the somalis...but as an outsider its entertaining as well. There was this other somali chick with an asian dude a few days ago that also had the somali men panties in a wad.....rahtid....although not nearly as triggering as Idris though....even though he is a star and the girl is a no-name.

Again entertaining.....and somewhat enlightening.


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The thing is, I expect ppl to be enthralled by stars and celebrities; they're a property of the public. We've all seen ppl being attracted to celebrities, so I can understand a young girl tweeting about this.

I don't expect random men to feel somehow emasculated bc some chick, only relation to them being her ethnicity, bc she'swith a celebrity. There's upwards of a dozen threads on SS on this couple, 90% of them made

Tbf they're addressing the reaction of Somali women on social media and not the actual celebrity.
Not gonna lie, a part of me wants to get triggered over the fact that we're making threads dedicated to dissing hooyos now

But for the most part I'm pretty burned out on this Idris Elba "controversy," if you could call it that, and how Somalis online are having breakdowns over it.

Not to say that I'm exempt from stoking the flames through my Twitter threads, but after really thinking about it, we really ought to move on from this gender shit. We are all making a fool out of ourselves due to a couple that don't even know we exist. Yeah, I dabbled in it a bit myself, but like I said, I'm just burned out, and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels that way
Gender wars = sexual frustration. Get married or something to get rid of the angst.
It all started off as a result of the tweet below, it doesn't even shock me at all, the average diaspora Hijabi shamelessly promoting dating infidels in public even if it's a joke.

But this tweet below has even shocked to me to the bone, even their mothers are utterly shameless and her disgusting spawn wasn't even ashamed to share it with the world.

This is the result of characters like Malyun that shamelessly talk about the most private/intimate stuff on YouTube emboldening the mothers to do the same to their daughters, even I couldn't imagine it would go this low.

This stuff below however doesn't surprise me at all, even tough the man is Gaal, whoever it does surprise, clearly hasn't gone out much.

:faysalwtf: Thats a hooyo and daughter convo?

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Western Somali Halimo are the least loyal, ill mannered, worthless things to have ever existed.

I know some at my work place who go into the bathroom and don't wash their snatch. Kaadida xataa iskama dhaqaan.

They are loud and classless. Zero female qualities.

Eventually they will come with half breed Madow kids, in that case, I ain't touching that lil dhagax's and calling him abti. No way. Not me
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These new age somali beta males man smh when will they learn the more you preoccupy yourself with what these females are doing the more they gonna detect your betaness and torment you for it these twitter finger niggas making all of us look weak my dude:gucciwhat:


Tbf they're addressing the reaction of Somali women on social media and not the actual celebrity.
Tfw the commonality of random people responding to the hotness of a celebrity and wanting to date him/her on Twitter oddly bespeaks the "insecurity" of Somali women, but then in the same vein, disproportionate random male response to such tweets is brushed off as hormonal and traditional to men :cosbyhmm:
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