The Dervish state- From guerrilla army to empire after killing Corfield.

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Germans/Ottomans wanted to help out the dervish by landing troops into Somali coast but this plan was scrapped after they lost a big ally
It amazes me that Somalis consider Dhul Madowba a great victory.

The British description of the battle of Dhul Madowba paints a different picture from MAH's famous poem.

"Of the Constabulary, 36 including Richard Corfield were killed-in-action and 21 were wounded. On the Dervish side over 450 were killed or wounded. As a result of the action the British withdrew their protection of the local tribes to the area around the port of Berbera but Abdullah Hassan was unable to follow up his advantage immediately."

Corfield was an impatient fool, but by 1920 MAH was dead and it was all over.
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