The Day Galnus leader Xaaf faked his death

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Author: H*ejabi secrets| hate lefties
Apparently Galnus leader faked his death lol. So this is how it happened: xaaf stole money from the central bank and to avoid penalized by the kacaan regime he fled to Dubai.

After few months he went broke and was in debt, so he came up with a plan to return to Somalia.

He then faked his death and was put on a coffin then into a plane headed for Somalia. But the intelligence informed Siad Barre that xaaf has been returned in a coffin and he faked his death.

Barre scoffed at how low he taken himself and ordered that be released as there is nothing demeaning than faking your death.

Btw it’s true story. @Inquisitive_ what do you think of your uncles dark history.
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