The Cushitic One Appreciation Thread

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Sultana of Samaroon
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No eeedoo. The D stood for dick. :lolbron:. Im a huge catlover aswell. Now the next pic will contain either a dick pic or a cute professional pic of my cat. Click at your own risk.
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You're a bad hire. How can I ensure you won't commit bestiality? I need a police record check. :hillarybiz:

Agent 47

21st Divsion of Somali National Army
Waar bax qurunyahow iyo doofaryahow. She's done with you. What kind of a nigga gets jealous over a girl? A beta male that's what. Your game was so weak you lost her to a woman. Khaneesyahow. Orood hooyodha soo wac
since when did you learn to type Somali?:gucciwhat:

Garaad Darawiish

Astra incliant sed non obligant
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