The corrupted Amaxaar Kalgacal family of Siil-yanyo exposed

Lol sxb im srs. i ship our first family and you should too. put the dirty politics aside and show some respect they will be sending their farewells after november.

She was born in UK i guess so no fgm. she has her malab intact :banderas: hopefully theres still some single naag in the family, i want to establish familial connection with them.

Lets hope qoslaaye brings peng ting qalanjos to madaxtooyada :banderas:

They are islaamo laga dhamaystay sxb. Luul for example has around 5 children living in UK
and was a divorcee.
Not really. I mean I have a taste. I wouldn't even touch them with my dirty fingers saxiib. I'm just curious, how does a man who called these women Average. Look like?

Lets just say if I had daughters they would shit on Siil-yanyo's daughters in terms of looks. :siilaanyolaugh:


31/12/16 - 04/04/20
You won't be going to Mandera Prison but RRU's Xabsi Ruush in Berbera :pachah1:

John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!

@Duke of Bohol im getting the feeling that you know this family more then on a political level. Are you related?

Also the hooyo must have been stunning in her youth. But I think those girls take after their dad.