The Christian master plan

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I came across this weird part of the internet. Basically Christian missionaries have a specific plan to convert the whole world. I’m not even joking there dead ass about this. This video explains it:

Remember that guy, John Chau was his name I believe. Nigga was trying to fulfill that dream. Especially they believe in a 10/40 window. That a certain area of the world needs Jesus and needs to be converted ASAP. These are areas like the Middle East, East Asia, and parts of Africa.
There tactics are smart, ngl, they take advantage poorer nations. They claim to provide education, but in reality it’s just Christian theology being cramped down these kids throat. They’ll disguise themselves as teachers, doctors, and nurses. Guess which country is considered a top priority?
You guessed it: Somalia
They dead ass don’t care about what happens to there missionaries too. They sent that Chau guy to dir. They’ll send them to Afghanistan and Niger, Afghanistan of all places. Somalia is too hard for them though. I’m planning on infiltration, need to learn more. So I’m joining the enemy. I can’t allow this to happen.
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