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The Chinese virus


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What are the symptoms?
I'm coughing, had a sore throat since yesterday, and today I just feel really tired no energy at all, I'm also freezing a bit, headache and pain in my joints/bones..
I'm I infected with the Chinese virus :eek:

Abihina cuna kuli cafis.. Especially the girls :ileycry:
I only have some of the symptoms not all of them.. I'm coughing and my lungs feel a bit weird the freezing could indicate a fever.. Khair inshallah.
When you cough can you hear phlegm or is it dry? If you can hear it, it's a productive cough you'll be fine:nvjpqts:
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We are all somewhat paranoid nowadays, I had this weird dryness in the back of my throat the other day , I wasn't coughing but that made me a little nervous :urgh:
,now it's all good Thank God.
I hope it's nothing ma geeljire , salamaat inshallah.

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