The children of Turkish Somaliland

This is great. If we are going to colonized then who better than the landheer ottomans?

Turkey will become the 5th largest economy by 2030

There is value in learning their native tongue, I commend Beesha Hawiye for this diplomatic coup.


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
They're speaking fluent Turkish.
Wiryaa, watch your tongue, these people's farther's died for the country and would have had to live off little to nothing if their mother's didn't find another man to marry, which would of made their lives even worse off. They were given a chance at life, even if they have to learn another language they will have a much better one. If you want to change this then stop hiding behind a pc monitor and go back and help rebuild the country, teach in Somali instead of a foreign language, if you can't do this then keep your mouth shut and keep to boasting about your soon to be Chinese toolo.