The Central Park 5

So I got done watching the Netflix series called ‘When They See Us’ based on a true story that happened 31 years ago in Harlem NY to 5 young black boys. They were falsely accused of beating and raping a white woman. The then justice system coerced they boys to make false confessions that they did it. Between them they were jailed 5-13 years of their lives for a crime they never done. Anybody seen it? And what do you make of it? Are things like this (on a smaller scale) still happening to this day? This case was a high profile case and I just got to know about it.
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I've heard about it and funny enough i was thinking about the central park 5 just a few days ago. What happened to them was fucked up, it kind of reminds me of emmett till a black boy that was sentenced to the death penalty for allegedly whistling at a white woman which turned out to be completely false and made up by the woman who happens to be alive today. Anyone falsely accused and punished for a crime is definitely not okay and sad
Yeah it’s so sad wallahi. When innocent people get framed for crimes they didn’t commit. How do these people sleep at night?