The battle between the White man and the Black man in the USA


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The white man and the black man in America have been in a long war for who is most sexually desirable, they have both made stereotypes to benefit themselves.
On one hand you the the Handsome rich white guy, he's every immigrant girls wet dream. even outside of the US, if a white guy visits Asia, He will soon be moving like King Solomon and his 700 wives. The white man and the Asian women are on a mission to create a new mulatto race, we have already seen it in Latin America where native genes are still strong but the culture and language is all Spanish due to the fact the Spanish men banged every native girl on sight. I guess you can say the Spaniards conquered America in more ways then one.

On the other hand you have the gangster rebellious black guy, he's every cool girls best fuckboy. Unlike the white guy though, no immigrant will marry him. A general rule for girls in the US is to have fun with the black guy in their early years, chase the white guy, and if all fails, trick a man back home to marry you by hiding your body count to the miskeen guy.
The black man is also all about 'black unity' however any and all non-black women are on his radar at all time, the black male is ferocious in his thirst for snow bunnies it is theorised that it comes from when the ancient black egyptians invented Easter (c.5000bc) where they hunt bunnies, it is said that the Pharaoh niggakamen II invented easter as a national holiday as it was the day where Pharaoh niggakamen II finally got his snow bunny wife, a fat white lady by the name of Cloe. However a disaster had hit egypt, this was because when the Pharaoh niggakamen II got this Snow bunny wife, his other wife, Queen Shaniqua, was so enraged she helped the ayrabs conquer and migrate into the great black lands of egypt. This forced the blacks lead by the now Gangsta Niggakamen III into the great black migration (c.2890bc) into west africa


Future Dictator 💪🏾| Somali Nationalist🇸🇴
i put this in another thread but i spent so much time and effort writing this story i decided to make it it's own thread :russ:


Future Dictator 💪🏾| Somali Nationalist🇸🇴
The white man in America has beaten the negro mentally and physically a long time ago. No debate!
The true winners.
White people in America have lots of cultural things they maintain from their European heritage but Black Americans have nothing left from their African origin. That's why they claim random histories, they don't know their own

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Walaalo, I will be honest to you.

This shit khaniis as hell my boy, delete this immediately. You should not even think about this type of bullshit sxb.


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So it goes like this Asians are known for giving out sex and setting up sex shops not because they are sex crazed but they need the money ,latinas are sex crazed and thirsty not so different from some AAwomen,white women actually have alot of diversity with in them some are sex crazed and some are bookworms and some are goths due to years of stability and modernization they have a variety to choose from while the rest not so fortunate