The Arabs Know Somalis Best.

It's in all their books, they know this part of Africa, you think they don't read or something all the arabic knowledge they have? this land was 'barbar' they know we camped outside in clans and noone ever 'tanasuled' for each other, we were working on the principle of 'hoyada aduunka' they know this is 'real law in the world' that everyone comes under. They just taught us to keep within religious norms not to displace our ancient culture, you can't displace your ancient identity and how you kept your land, faataaxo laguma hanan dhulka, dhiig iyo dagaal ayaa dhici jirey desertka because they won't move easily even the 'gaal' ones like borana or rendille and all those ones.

Desert people are very rough people, they would bring 'caano' into the coastal cities of bosaso, hamar, berbera to the arabs as 'gesture' to remind them this is camel milk and you are guest weeye, marti ba tahay, we gave u a small piece of land for islamic reasons to continue on your trade links. These people had 'civilization' at the time, we didn't or we lost much of it from ancient egypt especially when the area became a desert that's why u still see ancient togs and river systems, it was fertile land northern somalia, that's what laas geel shows even when pharoahs were around, we were tribute region back then to the pharoah and probably where our cuqdad for boqortoyo came from since we assume boqortoyo means 'god' as pharoah was god on land, this must of stuck in the historical consciousness of the people, but when the place became a 'desert' thru climate change, the old somalis must of moved cause they couldn't adjust and the wild oromos then marched into the vacant land. This is where Somali and Oromo history starts. By the time the arabs were around the oromos were defeated.

We took the land even though some remain strong to the land principle like boraan and shit like that and possibly lots more in northern kenya. The other key thing I noticed in Somali culture is the circumision of the female, this is clearly inherited from pharoah, because back then circumision meant your halal in those convenant days of abraham, I am not sure who it was that developed that convenant of circumision but it existed in Africa with many desert tribes and even 'habesha' who are christian.

Anyways the Arabs are our historians, noone else can speak for us, like noone else can speak for Europe but roman history, well the romans are gone but the arabs are still here. We didn't ever have bad relationship, they knew they paid us what we needed or else we will invade the city and they knew they were 'inside a city' and would be surrounded by these wild barbarians looooooooooooool. They consider barbarians anyone who wasn't sophisticated in thought and thought like we do 'qabiil ama family ama tan dhiiga sida hayawanka'. They were civilized they assumed and focusing on developing higher level of thought but we saw that as a weakness and call arabs 'naago' notice. It's all historical, Somalis prefer inay 'xoog' ku sheegtan.

But we civilized a-lot more as time went and developed sultanates and copied the arabs or they taught us how to operate but we never left the MIYI hence the land is basically engrained in our souls, we didn't leave it till like 17th century because at the time of futuh al habash we had no sultanates that was here, we were just camped out as usual grazing around like the reer miyi and joined the ***** on habash well amhara and possibly oromo foot soldiers as they use them as front line first, waa cawaan dee.

But we must remain loyal to the area that gave birth to us in the first place, it's the nation we had the most contact with, we didn't have much contact with Africa besides Tanzania for slaves in the south not in the north since they are not suited out there in that desert environment and have no use, having slaves isn't a northern culture. This developed later when boqor osman wanted to stop relying on the interior due to climate change and develop fishing culture and Somalis hate fishing so they brought in the experts the BANTU who can leave farming but only to fishing and why they live on coastlines, most likely the outer area is desert now that's why.

The only nation we had contact with is ETHIOPIA and that shit stretching 500 years now and tits for tat, abkow to abkow, no cafis, niinka roon ayaa reerka uu harayo, do not bother making peace as it will always be 'fake peace' trust me 'we dont forget' our awooweyaal, we cherish them more then even DIINTA. Lineage and family is critical to us because it's the reason we are alive, we are not alive because of 'fataaxo' iyo diin, dhaqan baan ku nool nahay iyo soo jireenimo iyo sida loo noolado meelahasi harsh environmentka ah. Our quran serves one purpose for us only so we are not conquered mentally by our enemy, we can always return to god and ask for help but we won't sit there and beg, we get up and do our thing, my awoowe never sat there and did TUUGSI when he had half our families genocided, some people will just sit there like 'magan alle' eelay, in our northern culture this is seen as niin jabay oo aan laysku halayn karin. We are basically a burden on the land and not a benefit in anyway.

The gob iyo gun iyo nasab is critical also as it proves you got history, culture, don't play like a dog, you show abaal to tarikh and u help other gob tribes halka gunta sida midgaha waa anyone oo hilib banankasi yaal cuno or else we have no reason to be better then habash who we forced to eat raw meat and turned into his cuisine. Sometimes when I am desperate for cigarette i want to pick up butts, that's how it was viewed eating meat that was dead, it meant you were so poor and had no faith in god to keep going that you were ina gumeed and just ate bakhti. But in Islam your allowed to eat anything in the event of starvation however to replace culture n tradition with religion is very difficult, that's why they remain separate.

Arabs stayed on our coastal cities they found our coastal cities, we just camped outside saying he is 'our guest'. Slavery was impossible in this land or any desert type of land, they used the 'farmers' in tanzania for that slavery game. In Somalia the story was different story, it's very independent people, freedom, they don't like being told what to do by someone, but this is very animalistic behavior, u need to cooperate in the world, u can't keep holding onto animal way of life. I say we need to maintain dual culture, yes lets keep pastoralism alive it's second life line in case cities or regions get destroyed in wars so we can revert to our cousins in the miyi in distant lands, lets have some farmers, some city dwellers, some in arabian countries. This is what jews did, they welcomed each flow of arrivals in different empires when they fled, we are clearly doing the same thing when u see our settlement patterns historically in miyi and the diaspora.

We are not interested in 'wars' with other nations who have no history with us, we let people be usually like when somalis of different regions say 'halkee isku aragnay adigu' they don't want to start on a bad note with anyone, they give u a fair shot to establish relations and if it is good, they stayed in somalia coastal areas from 14th till 21st century the arabs plus the early muslim settlers in zaylac.

So the original Somalis were indeed gob people, u can't teach culture adeer, u can teach science, business, politics, but principles, values, and something t o maintain cannot be taught to u, it has to be inherited who you are, you can define who u r but it will continously change as time goes on. When u go to the west they have millions of different values and views o f life, if those ppl had no govt, how can they establish a common cause when their basic culture isn't the same and they're principles. It's gonna be war zone that's what happens with lack of culture.
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Westerners couldn't even hold our lands for 50 years, u see when you lack civilization knowledge, they were quite new the italians. The english I think were better they had a huge library of knowledge to study from and consult from their field officers lol who travelled deep into these territories to provide what strategy needs to be taken to make it an ally.

They tried to debunk mellenia way of living overnight the italians not accomodate or dual support it. I am not sure why we invited them, we didn't eat fish, it's not like we were threatened to use the water way. Those ppl at that time would kill u if you were not an ally on the water way, similar to today. Fishermen wud disappear, waa hoyada aduunka sheekadu. Animal world weeye

It was after religion came people were then welcoming of people, but before that, if u saw someone u cant talk to or communicate, you just kill it, why would u keep them u can't even communicate, language was huge barrier in the world and was the reason empires even begun to make people understand each other and then negiotate. No language and no human right concept, is hoyada aduunka law, he is not your brother or fellow human, u don't see that at all, you see an invader.

There is no other explanation why my awoowe who sent my father to the city said I am not living in a city, he said i have to protect the land AND HE SPENT MOST HIS TIME IN NUGAAL, this is our culture, so the kids have something in the future and not be HOMELESS.


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According to arab histories, it was sarah the wife of abraham who first circumcised hagar the egyptian mother of ishmael, out of jealously.

The prophet said to delegation sent to capture misr to be kind to the kopts for they are your rihm(family) referring to hagarah the mother of the ishmalites. This is recorded in tafsir ibn kathirScreenshot_2019-09-12-00-12-31~2.png

(Tafsir ibn kathir)
Many islamic traditions were arab and semetic traditions that preexisted, and were officially ratified by allah and the prophet.
Few know , but during the umayyad
Dynasty of nearly 200 years the byzantine church was stripped of the official church position and the coptic church was installed. The ummayads had a disdain for romans and persians. Many modern scholars noted the lack of conversion efforts of the ummayads towards the byzantines and persians. Islam was an emblem of prestige to go along with the arab bedouin empire that suddenly arose. The prophet didnt want inter afroasiatic quarrel hence why the prophet ordered the habesh to be left alone.
Heres what Muqawqis a byzantine ruler said when he encountered ubadah bin samit the general of the conquest of Egypt

"And 'amr bin al'as sent him with a group 10 individuals for convening with muqawqis(a greek ruler of egypt). And 'ubada bin alsamit was black skinned(aswad al-lawn). When they boarded the ship to muqawqis and 'ubadah entered upon him,
Muqawqis was frightened of him because of his blackness , then he said"
Get this black man away from me and send forward someone else to speak to me!" The others said, "Verily this black-skinned man is the most superior of us in opinion and knowledge. He is our master and the best amongst us and the preferred above us. We all follow his word and his opinion. The Amir (Commander) gave him command instead of us and he commanded us to obey him." Muqawqis then said to the delegation, "How can you be content with this black-skinned person being the most superior of you?! He should be the lowest of you." The members of the delegation then said, "No way! Verily, even though he is black-skinned, as you can see, he is from amongst the most superior of us in rank and priority and in intelligence, sense and judgement. Black skin is something normal amongst us." Maqawqis then said to Ubada, "Come forward oh black one and speak softly to me. Your blackness frightens me. If you speak too loudly you will make me more afraid." Ubada then came forward and said, "I've heard what you said and I inform you that amongst my companions that I left behind me in my camp are 1000 men as black as I am and blacker than I am and more shocking in appearance! If you saw them, you would be more afraid of them than you are of me!"
(Ibn 'abd al-hakim, futuh almisr)

Umar ibn kathab rallied 4000 sahabah and assigned a 1000 each to 4 men: Ubaada ibn Al-Samit, Al-Zubair ibn Al-Awwam, Miqdad ibn Amru, and Maslama ibn Mukhallid.

Carabtaan kuwi futuh al habesh noo soo gurmadey marnaba ha umaleyn,

Nin tarikh aqoon u laheyn, inuu hogaan siyaasaded noqdo oo xus mudan, waa habenka xalay tagey. Even abdullah yusuf needed to know the ancient pharoanic kingdom of punt
hence Puntland.
Carabtaan ninka moodo in eey asxabta iyo rasulka ahaayeen, talo xumo iyo dabodhilif ayuu ku dambeyn. warka iga sug.

Wax 'uMmah' la dheho ma jiro, tribal bey aheed from the get go.
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Land of Punt

Punt is an cushtic empire located in the horn
That is a lie. somalis knew how to fish since the ancient times, Bantu who just came to East africa in the last hundred years are not experts at fishing. they were brought in as slaves to be shipped to the Middle East, that is why some remian in the coastal areas.


1851A9AC-C421-4D5C-BD0C-C672B5DD0B11.jpeg Wow this guy dr osman lost it. This guy said we cherish our ancestors more than our deen. This guy is openly going against Islam and certain coward still support him because he’s their tribe. We are not alive because daqan. We are alive because god says so
View attachment 78750 Wow this guy dr osman lost it. This guy said we cherish our ancestors more than our deen. This guy is openly going against Islam and certain coward still support him because he’s their tribe. We are not alive because daqan. We are alive because god says so
You ali saleban use that trick on bah dir, the quran card to get sadaqo of land as your all based in arabia and rich, we know. U use the good old arab trick, not here adeer it just doesn't work on land matters waxasi which is an important asset for our awoowe, you just a damn citizen we see that as niin la haysto ah qof citizen ah oo aan sheegi karin dhulkisa intay la'eg tahay dhinaca beeshisha you just live on sadaqo of bah dir fuck u ina gumeed.

I am trying to create my awooweyaal spirit in bah dubays, manta sharci ma taalo dalka, waan tusinaya what sharci la'an means in aduunka, waxad jogta naarta adeer, uu hogansan sharciga naarta. Wa naarta bilowgeeda tani, it gets worse and worse as time goes on. U cant apply islam in naarta, maba is gali karan, quran aqris iyo meel sharci oolin, ask any muslim people, how is there islam with no shariah or some basic law n rights. Medina even needed a constitution first, u need laws even in science or its the absence of life and is mere chaos and disorder.

I want my clan to survive ma ceeb ba in this disorder by adapting to the rules of this envirornment? bah dubays ain't giving you land waryaa, we don't allow sheikhaal types near us, we see them as ina gumeed, waan soo xasuusina dadkeena tarikhda hore iyo awoowashooda, meeshu ma aha hajjka, waa aduunka, two different places weeye.

Plus i know it only takes one clan to do something in somalia for all clans to update, i will start on bah dubays iyo dagaalkooda marki ay galan iyo sida loo jiheeynayo, mana jirayso fataxo iyo sadaqo ileen sharci nooma dhaxayo cadowgani, i dont care haday diin noo dhexayso
@Reer-Bari bah dubays baan ahay, habar dubays na dhashay, do u see dubays going around begging for sadaqo of land isago quran wato sida sheikhaal, you the new sheikhaal now using money. None of that works waryaa, you will always be seen as ina gumeed in our miyi culture. I am osman mahmoud, we may not be civilized like the coastal guys or the ones in arabia, but we know this world, stop telling me my awooweyaal world waryaa, stick to your shit in arabia, u think i wud tell u how to operate there? don't tell me how to operate with these guys, waan aqana waxaa caloshooda ka guxayso reer miyiga.

I envision darbi darod spirit for bah dubays, leelkase did it and respected nation wide, it's not about size only, it's about following the rules of gob, gun, nijaz, nasab waxasi weeye halkasi. It's got nothing to do with salat iyo diin here, this is land matters waryaa, waa dhaxal awoowe, laguma oran uu dhaxalsii aduunka, xaarkeena baan uu soo cabnay iyo dhiig badan. Even ogaden is beginning war front on jubbaland cutting trees on southerners, that's ogaden the largest land holder in Somalia, meaning the most bravest.

The only rule I agree to is lets keep it primitive, no need to escalate it to next level, wars are won moral, history, strategy, NOT WEAPONS. I dont want the somali war to go next level, we can keep it at this level and ensure someone moves ileen sharci nooma taalo, sida niin iyo nag baan nahay mid waa inu guriga ka baxa. Hadana sacad deked buu rabaye hobyo, waa ka omar mahmoud diyaar garobaya, ha si kulalato weeye. they just bring more weapons in. naarta la jogga niyahow, hada intaysan arintu xuman oo nuclear weather noqon, its best we end them now, and save us the grief and pain of world war 2...its primitive war style, less casualties, and we can achieve the objective of getting rid of them.

its like bah dubays minority trying to find all those geeljires darod surrounding him from ogaden, majerten, marehan, he is insane ninkani. lets deal with him quickly. Ogaden dealing with koonfurta charcoal trade. we save somalia this grief of dawlad la'an and geopolitics, hawiye is nin gumaysan cid kasta iska raca even iran haday nuclear siiso. Why u think omar mahmoud is leading, wuu la janqaday dalka lakin ha ogaado osman mahmoudna wala janqaday maybe not all like keenadiid did in his time this time its bah dubays. reminds me of how king osman didnt janqaad, bah dubays has opportunity to make a name for itself, and we will. Not all osman janqaad with waqtikooda, only one does or two, thats what makes us unique, where-as when its another time period, it cud bah leelkase and issa mahmoud who knows
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You know you crazy right. You need a life. Are you a virgin? Have you ever had a girl? Answer these questions because it will tell us a lot about you.

Diaspora ambassador

Representative of Bari
You know you crazy right. You need a life. Are you a virgin? Have you ever had a girl? Answer these questions because it will tell us a lot about you.
He is a lost case he deliberately tries to anger you for social connections i guess he even follows you thread to thread ( and this shit ain't no coincidence). He toghether with cocknigtive are basement dwellers trying to receive attention.
You know you crazy right. You need a life. Are you a virgin? Have you ever had a girl? Answer these questions because it will tell us a lot about you.
Reer Bari I visited Dire Dawa, I know Amhara, once they get somalis broken down, they know they can open oromo invasion on hawiye to resettle somalia, hence this will be they're colony now. So hawiye thinks allying with anyone is helpful just to defeat darod who has lots of history which they lack sxb beyond 1960, noone knew these guys sxb runti. Hence dhaxaltoyo, soo jireen, boqortoyo are so critical to ensure we dont forget history and just join whoever we want in short term interests, like italian said about the bantu he only thinks today, if u give him little money like 'charcoal trade' he doesnt see what this means for his descendants losing land, malaha qorsho fog dee.

We must cut a deal with our friends in dubai to open up wooding industry for us so we can continue on our journey to africa, we align they're economic interest in return for our land grabs which they rely on in the event something turns nasty in they're homeland, rather then restarting as refugee homeless like we did in 89 in australia, plus its terrible being urban, you just have small plot of land and hostage to the elites, u can't escape back to your land inheritance and sit down and search your history and define your identity and morals, u just join any flavor of siyasad in the day like hawiye.

So let the arab make the money in the mean time but align our investments into trades that ensure land grabs can happen, no matter what the strategy is, we must achieve our goal of land land land. We must apply this into amhara farming areas first, we must have long term plan for them, cuz haile sellasie inu isaga tagay ha moodin he left behind a movement who is building up slowly over time and whites will join cuz they're new world order americans iyo australian hadi inyar dance iyo dance maqlan, u can strap them in for your goals. Then the goal of worship is coming later as rastafarians do this.

Basically hawiye/dir are the tools they use to destroy us within. Dire dawa is losing land, theyre pushing oromo into hargeisa and even touching bosaso by using them to fight darod first and then inay axsan uu samaynayan ha moodin la barakicin oo hostage ba laga dhiga ileen tarikh malaha then comes haile selassie popular rasta project gaining followers they cud use the world against u. Amhara waa tashday, cadow soo jireen iyo new world politics isn't the same soo ma ogid, america can start fresh again, europe oo kale NO iyo arabta hell no iyo dhinacani africa hell fkn no

He was the only african empire that wasnt colonized, even asians and africans were and arabs. These are dangerous people, sixir wayn bay gaban aadan garan karin, they conquer u while your happily dancing to rasta tunes. They are not like americans sxb oo cadow loo jeeda ah they want u happily dancing to rasta tunes knowing who your god is, waa gumaysi faraxsan tan which is the worst as u wont question it ever ma garatay, u think everything is cool and dandy

The arabs clearly relied on wild desert folks surrounding them to deal with them..they even thru soo many arab tribes into eritrea desert
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My awoowe the second about 150 years ago he took advantage of his time period and signed up as a soldier of boqortoyo, he then sealed a name in battle against darwish, then his son made a name for nabadoon in garowe. I can see how they operate sxb Somalidu, fursadu haday ku dhaafto, it doesnt come back for centuries. This is the fursad for bah dubays era, the moryan era, we got the miyi lifestyle, so why wouldn't we take advantange of this situation and make a name for ourselves nation wide not just locally like keenadiid did, look how his kids return to hamar all the time, wa niin fursadisa ka fa'idaysatay, aniguna gaygi maxaa ii diidaysa. It's all about timing, opportunity, grabbing it, sealing it, and keeping a history for yur children to live on. Cuz the world changes ma garatay they may not succeed in that new world but they got history to talk on.

My awoowe in nugaal strategy was gabadh wa hanti iyo niin wa magac, he made wealth livestock wise on his girl marriage to then make my father get into hamar and take another opportunity he got to diplomat. So we have soo jireen track record of nabadoon 150 years, garowe history, bari history with bah dir, and now the burbur came which is me, I have to continue the tradition, why not? I can see why amhara continue they're traditions also, i dont blame them, there is no hate between me for them, dhaxaltoyo cayaar ma aha sxb once it starts u protect it.

Hence omar mahmoud is leading now as he janqaad but they have to combine together omar mahmoud for tarikh looooool, every jufo waa tarikh in osman mahmoud, we dont need each other to the extent of omar mahmoud. Issa riyoole warkisa daa, i can vouch for that, he just follows anyone with short term interest, ma gabo feker fog laga reebo islanka maxamed. The reason is clans are not building up to be independent and rely on higher tribal groups, this is only a foundation to move from, not sit there and hold onto like a langaab.