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The Arab World Mess. PODCAST

Noticing that you are creating more and more podcasts, do you want them assembled into one channel instead of spread out throughout the forum.
damn u legit sound like a cadaan person:shookgabre:
I sound like them but my mind is filled with my 'culture, traditions, values', don't be fooled by my urban 'tongue'. Just cause we sound like each other don't mean we have same priorities. I cant connect to their traditions, values, etc it doesn't capture my heart n mind but a good karbash hikma poetry does as I sit under the 'geed' of PL. But I need to adapt to them sxb and thats all u need to do, the ancient stories of wars, and sites of disasters in miyi, i love that. Its so simple and held in our culture as must of been catasprohe not just 'normal' day to day living. Where-as coastal somalis and urban are probably more about 'who speaks the best' as thats how all urban areas were bruv like romans, arabs, its about eleqouency and impressing
I am like this guy sxb just adopted the urban presenation and language format

He wud of been great leader to be apart of his policy team as HE MAKES DECISIONS