The Abyss of Clan States


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It looks like these regional independence movements within Somalia are starting to cannibalize the regions themselves. Where the buck stops?

Just read the thread about the creation of the Gabiley State in Somaliland.

So, the break-away Somaliland is being broken up itself. What an irony!

From the below thread:

Somaliland representation doesn't mean anything to us.
Gabiley State will be a Region under the Federal state of Awdal

This was always going to be the consequence of politicising clan identity. Each sub-clan will inevitably ask itself why certain political positions are staffed by people hailing from other sub-clans; essentially leading to a worse form of the narcissism of small differences. This does not bode well for the health of such societies. Now a person's clan affiliation must be considered during political appointment, instead of just selecting for competence. Nonetheless, this is the bed these xoolo have made.


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Banning clan affiliation has already been tried, it was called the Siyad bare dictatorship

didn't work

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