The 2000's were the best time for Somali forums

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People old enough to have lived in Somalia, unique characters, spirited discussion.

This forum can never move past shock posting, stolen memes, and look what this Somali person has done in the West. :vo3yidw:


Foruming in the 2000's? Old enough to have lived in Somalia? Sure, this forum is a shitposter's nook, but you're speaking from another generation. If anything, you should be the one with the stories.
Most of us were born in the west and barely identify with our somali roots and dhaqan. sad fact. Be the pioneer in such fun discussions then OP. people who have gone through crazy shit are always the most interesting. Без муки нет науки. :trumpsmirk:
The average person on here may have been born in 2000... it's the post say-wallahi generation (don't think there's a name for it yet).
I guess it would make more sense for them to be interested in how Somalis are portrayed in the media vs. nostalgia.
Please post more if you have that perspective, I'm sure some people will be interested.
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