That feeling when!

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I keep hearing this fucking song, right, and Guru L. Kendrick is ringing in my ears lately:

Hold up. Hold up. *****, be humble. Sit down. Be Humble. Sit down.
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Tfw you worked a couple doubles in a couple days and drive unawares to within a block of someone's place that you haven't thought of or spoken to in forever, and you have to wonder why your subconscious practically drove you to their doorstep. And then they eerily and tbhdisturbingly call that same day, and conscious you doesn't answer. Is the subconscious retarded?


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The feeling you get when you first see the title, that's about feelings, & you get feelings for reading a topic about feelings.

Then you suddenly wonder what the person who came up with the thread was feeling.

The world is full of feelings.

I'm unstable toward feeling.

Don't provoke my feelings @Reiko

You seem so familiar. :trumpsmirk: Am I looking in the mirror.


Rag waa shaah dumarna waa sheeko.
That feeling you get after reading sspot threads and you start questioning whether or not the people making the threads are really somali ? :ulyin:
That feeling you get when you realise you're minority & still keeping it strong on sspot :mjswag:


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That feeling when you get elbow deep in a punani.

when you bust a week old fat nut in a hamburger slit ..raw.

when you lash your whip on your females back, leaving a bruised trail followed by thick, red goosepumbs and high pitched shrieks.

when you are eating and find a good spot and she wraps her legs around your neck hard and she pulls your head by the hair making u feel your eyes are going to explode outta your skull.

when the coffee high hits you


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TFW it's Friday and you thought you would sleep in on Saturday but your nonSomali friends spontaneously plan for a breakfast get together and you have to wake up early because they made reservations at 9 am :farmajoyaab:
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