Terror attack foiled, American heroes save possibly hundreds of lives

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Habar Magaadle
Al-CIAda and ISIS are both creations of the US government. :umwhat:
Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was Foreign Secretary in the 70s went to Afghanistan to encourage God's 'Mujahideen', he effectively created
Al Qaeda,

Obama also called him " My mentor"

As for ISIS, the consistency in seeing men with U.S army tattoos who are masked ISIS fighters is disturbing


Anyone who takes mainstream media as a primary source for authentic information is a sheep. :drakelaugh:
When a foreign agency (allegedly) goes to another country and creates & funds an organization that mainly terrorizes and murders its own people, what does that make the people of the said country(ies)? Animals? 'CIA created this; Mosad was behind that'. Well, if you aint shithead then no one should be able to infiltrate your country/people and "make" you do things you don't want to.
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