TERRIBLE NEWS for MAAMULKA Hargeisa! MAAMULKA Mogadishu handed the Airspace of Somalia.


You expected something here didn't you?!?!?
I don’t know what the secessionist can do to protest.


@DRACO you got any way out of this
They'll scramble their F-35s and bomb Xamar until they listen to them.
Also, how will Somalia defend her airspace? The last time I checked the air force was a bunch of guys with some Soviet AA guns and a single radio/radar tower in Mogadishu airport. Will we call in Habar Gidir to shoot down the intruders, just like back in good days? Do I see a new movie: " Black Hawk Down: The electric boogaloo" in the makings??


Ilahay baa mahad leh
@DRACO and the crew are in a private convo on how to respond to this development. Give them time boowe. The federal gov stamp requirement for shipping livestock was enough setback for mamulka iskeed kudawaqday this week.