Tall men.

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Beenta ma fiicna kow dheh. But they're some old jealous folks on somnet. I was born in 91 I don't care if some random skinny will want to refute it but that was the year I was born and I got prove. Tan kale I joined somnet when I was about 19. So I have no reason to lie about my age Kkk. What's weird is older people claiming to be an age they aren't. :umwhat:I think on somnet when this obsession with claiming to be 23 started was when someone asked how old everybody was and the likes of me, Warsheekh maybe Hyper etc said we're 23. You know how somnet is people recycle threads, so someone again asked the same question. It was few months later and we're still 23. :westbrookswag:it wasn't even our birthdays yet but somehow they thought we were lying and they ran with the magic number.

If you are an old head and you are jealous of young heads age. I suggest you find a forum for your likes. :drakelaugh:Meesha dhalinyaro baa ka buuxda just cause you're old don't mean these youths are. We don't get younger we get older deal with it like we will at one point.:russ:


And seek help in patience and prayers

I assure you no healthy male who is in the prime age of 30-40 is going to pretend to being 23. If you see such thing, the mental state of that person is in question.


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Perfect couple:shaq:Size 23 shoes you know what that means:diddyswag:

I think that is beyond awkward. She's below average in height and he's above average. I have noticed its normally short women that go for extremely tall men, to overcompensate. Relative to him she looks like a child.
I am very tall..taller than 6 feet four inches but I don't have athletic body. I have a skinny arms fat calves and a little calool.
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