Syrians in Mogadishu that need Help


high quality fob
Places in Syria like Latakia are far safer, wealthier, and stable than any Somali city.

Incredibly sus they are going to Somalia
Latakia is for they wealthy ppl, at least the good luxuriant places, other than that, is filled with Assad 3alawi supporter, it wont be nice for them to go there. For Syrians Sudan, Egypt are best places for them, more tolerant and economically acceptable.
I see a lot of hypocrites on this site.

Your parents were refugees and were helped out, and because of that help you are sitting in your comfortable home and using the wifi that is provided by Westerners and you decide to come to this forum and post this bullshit?

You guys are ungrateful for the opportunities you have been given by Allah. You got food in your house, a place to work and a home to come back to without fearing any bombs falling on you, and you people have the audacity to turn back people that are suffering?

Who has ever become poor by giving charity!?

Instead of contemplating about the extreme blessings you have, you decide to act like all of your provisions came about because of how awesome you were as a person and not because Allah had mercy on you.

Only an inhumane person would lack compassion for these people if they had gone through what these people had gone through for just a single day.

A lot of people on here just have an inferiority complex towards Arabs and are masking it as Somaalinimo. Pathetic!

There's another group of people in this thread that dislike helping out people from a specific country just because of what those people had done to Somalis. First of all, stop judging people as groups and not individuals. Are you going to retract your helping hand from a Yemeni just because a couple other Yemenis harmed Somali refugees, while that Yemeni man had nothing to do with that incident? Stop with this backward tribal mindset!

This same argument could be used by Somalis themselves. Imagine if there was some humanitarian crisis in Mareexaan lands and they asked for a helping hand from other tribes and to their shock, Majerteen and Isaaq refused to help them just because of the cuqdad they still retained due to past oppressions done by Siyaad and his crew. How is that so different from the attitudes you guys have toward Yemenis? This same tribal mindset you lot have is what's destroying Somalis, but you people can't seem to realize that.

Again. Who has ever become poor by giving charity!?
Muh my tuulo is better than your tuulo.

What a bunch of uncivilized animals. Ney, you people are even lower than animals. A tribalist is as worthless as a dung beetle in the eyes of Allah SWT.
I remember living in Damascus back in the day nice people . The worst part about wars and displacement is that must people will not go back to their original country . But poor ppl can’t do a lot to help them tho
Even when family is alright The next person who has right upon me are other Somalis, until every Somali is doing well I won’t move on to helping ajnabi , SOMALI-FIRST
And yet we all came to the diaspora with nothing and people who aren’t our ethnicity, faith or colour gave us homes, medicine, access to education.
And yes there are dirt poor white people here as well.
I know qurbo living is ciil inducing because of the discrimination we face as foreigners but don’t let that remove your naxariis. You have nothing except what Allah has given you. Sadaqey if you can. And if you don’t have anything to give afka ha iska xymeeun 🤐


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