Sweet Tooth Netflix series another programming show

I thought it was cute :wow1:
Congrats youve been succesfully programmed, they want to implement in this future where in children shall be subject to their sick theories of transhumanism. They want to inject children with animal genes to gain strength agility and speed. Essentially playing God, did you know in the Quran the Devil Iblis promised he would make humanity change his creation? Its literally playing out right now!

They got what looks like the only nigga in the series on side of the Chimera humans what are they trying to say :cosbyhmm:
Shits MOD they promoting evil! Notice how they make the pure humans who are against this sickness the enemy, they are literally programming you for the next decades
While you could argue that Gene therapy is immoral and unethical its potential uses eclipse any moral argument that can be made. It has the potential to save the lives of millions of people and possibly eradicate humanity's fear of certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cystic fibrosis. There is currently no alternative method for treating any of these diseases(despite decades of research). Gene therapy provides individuals with these diseases with the possibility of leading a regular life. Gene therapy could also be used to cure genetic diseases in embryos which will prevent children from being born with life impairing disabilities. One could argue that it is immoral for parents to reject treatment for their children and willingly allow them to be born with disorders that could cause them suffering.
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It seems like an inverted reality. Normally it would be the GMO beings who would attempt to erase the unaltered humans. This is an overt vilification of humanity and a sanctifying of transhuman chimeras that look like they were rejected from Narnia.
I knew you would understand sophie the villanizing of normalcy is amazing. Soon even straight people shall be ostracized. I dont wanna live in the future :kendrickcry:


LOVE is a product of Doqoniimo mixed with lust
Let Them Eat Cake
Getting sick of those Misanthropic climate change Netflix pedos wallahi :wow:
The whole show's basically "humanity's a cancer/nature good/race-mixing good".

Nothing wrong with that statement. Humanities are bad huuno. History has proven it.


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