Surviving R Kelly Parts 1 and 2


Raw Hard Truth
I'll be honest, growing up, I never knew/heard of a Somali getting molested/never happened to me, alhamdilah.

But as an adult now I've heard countless stories from the diaspora, and It breaks my heart.

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Some thoughts:

  • Aaliyah was failed as a child. Her parents (more specifically her mother) sexualized her at a young age and was never taught about older men or predators. He used to pick her up from her high school!

  • His music is overrated. Lots of witnesses saw him in compromising situations and refused to put 2 and 2 together because he was ' R Kelly'. He used and abused his star power.
  • His mother coddled him. I remember an interview where he said he asked for his mother's hand in marriage: "In a son/mother way, I had a serious, serious crush on my mom,” Kelly recalled. “I just looked up and down to her. I looked around. I looked everything about my mother. Y’know, I loved her. And I even asked her to marry me on day–she said ‘no,’ but I understood.”

  • R Kelly's, Bill Cosby's, Jimmy Sevile's exist in the somali community just like any other community. Macalims, politicians, odays, are some examples. I don't think this kind of issue is as bad some other countries (India, Pakistan).
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Very disgusting. There was a reason my parents did not allow me around grown men or boys as a young woman. How did these parents just allow their kids around a known predator? Yaab.
I watched the doc and I didnt think it was fair. Far little blame went to the girls parents and the girl themselves. These girls were fast and people love to pretend there are not fast damaged girls everywhere. The idea that if it wasnt for R Kelly they would be normal girls is laughable. Also the latino that was 17 sucking his d in a car infront of his friends shouldnt even be there. She was of age of consent

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I did not commit any crime.

I treasure my ancestral culture. We do marry young gazelles in my native land. We are the offspring of such a marriages