Summer Hodan Walker Appreciation Thread

Are you a Summer Hodan Walker stan now?

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  • No ( I don't know good music I listen to trash)

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Bah Qabiil Fluid
It's time to stan Summer Walker! One of the best Artists out today her music brings back that neosoul vibe that we have been missing these days.

Down below I've posted a few songs from her two albums feast your ears to the talent that is Summer Hodan Walker. Talented Somali Queen who isn't langaab we have to stan!




Clear wasn't a album but a extended play still as good as the other albums.

If her music doesn't make you go :damnmusic::damnmusic::damnmusic::damnmusic::damnmusic::damnmusic::damnmusic:

You are probably dead inside go see a doctor.

My job here is done

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Bah Qabiil Fluid

ill keep listening to my refuuge music and you stsy listening to ur simp gay music

This simp get's more women than you


I'll be more than happy to mentor you sxb don't worry there is enough women for everyone I'm not that greedy
You’re the one who deserves an appreciation thread not Summer Walker. You’ve been hustling for ages. Never underestimate yourself. Niin Raags like you are a rarity.