History Suldaan olol diinle 1936

@Gabz19988 HG had a big role in that war, our ally Olol Diinle defended us in Mustaxiil in the past and we fought together against the Ethiopians.


Assan Afràh, Averghedir Aer of El Bur, Band leader in the Olol Dinle gang - patrolman with 30 armed men, at the beginning of the fight, seen abandoned outside the redoubt with fifty camels, loaded, defying the gusts of the mitigating adversities, proceeded to recover these quadrupeds and large quantities of ammunition found in the cargoes - 26th Dec 1935.

Dirie Mohamed Averghedir - Commander of the 11th Somali Arab Battalion (to memory) - having seen the strong enemy nuclei near the bushes, they kept the ward arisen with intense and precise fire, with admirable daring it went forward to flush them out. His noble gesture was followed by all the askari of the department. In the fight he fell heroically wounded in the chest - Aden Fedio (Bohol Magno area) 13th Jan 1936.

Giama Musse - from Obbia, band leader in the Uebi Scebeli sector gang group commando. Interpreter between Sultan Olol Dinle and national radio operators assigned to the column, he brought his constant and precious serenity into the action. Seen an airplane landing near the fort and in full action, he took his own initiative, following his generous impulse, to see what had happened to the plane, making himself available to the pilot to whom he provided the means to plug a leak produced by the enemy in the gas tank. It remained beside the set lending his work even under intense rifle fire which struck the apparatus itself in several parts - 26th Dec 1935.

Guled Farah - Averghedir Aer of El Bur, band leader in Olol Dinle's band. Seen a sub-chief machine gunner fall wounded, a gunner hunter replaced him on his own initiative, without stopping the deadly fire of the weapon, helping to inflict numerous losses on the enemy - 26th Dec 1935.
One has to admire HG masterclass skills in the art of warfare, logistics and bravery.