Sudan military coup topples Omar al-Bashir after protests

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apparently one of the echoes of this revolution is to ouster omar al bashir and his pro arab regime and to bolster ties with neighbouring eritrea which omar al bashir has neglected in favour of arab ties

Sudanese are Arabs by culture and language and have been long before Omar Al Bashir.

Little Eritrea is another shithole country who has nothing to offer Sudan, other than refugees looking to head for Europe.


رَّبِّ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا

The useless dictator has been ousted from power & arrested.
This is wrong. One should rather listen and obey. Even if he takes your away all rights while he asks for his rights. Then current affair is indeed the best witness. We will all be judged according to what we used to do. One should rather be occupied with what you are capable of. Not of what is out of reach for you. And Allah knows best.
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