stupidfoolish passes away.

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Waa faker faker dhalay, he couldnt make up more lies so now he's resorting to faking his own death
i think you guys got confused khaled is not dead, hes just paying respects to the toronto somali guy "stupidfoolish" who was shot dead in toronto. that guy hacked his snapchat awhile back.


Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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Somalis dying all over Canada it seems

I got a cousin in Canada he says its pretty chill


Only Somalis in gangs, or mistaken identity due to wrong place/wrong time, living in a bad neighborhood end up dead. Lots are very successful, own their own business, established in life, and have been here a long time (ila early 80s). It's tragic what's happening but often times circumstances are not kind to them. Very sad!
This is a strong reason why people shouldn't resort to that lifestyle. It might seem harsh but that is the truth. That's said AUN I will pray that his sins are forgiven
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That's why I hate going into buildings and using the elevators, u have no idea what's waiting for u on the other end, it could be a old lady and her groceries or a machete wielding maniac, or a guy with a gun. Those 5 seconds of the door staying opened exposing u to all the deadly elements will seem like 5 yrs.
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