Streets killed two family members of Nipsey’s killer


European admixture (~25% range or below) from slavery has no real impact on phenotype. Same can be observed in the core population in North Africa who are essentially quadroons (~25% SSA max).

So via the one-drop-rule someone like Meghan Markle is the same "Black Women" as Serena Williams and that society sees them both equally as just that, is disingenuous.
Serena Williams is probably not to far off Megan Markle in European admixture, just has different genes expresses although both are rare for black people in the US, most don’t look like Megan or Serena but look like nipseys mom who looks more like your regular AA, basically a safe brown not light skin or dark


She’s full aa, European genes are part of the aa story and make up from 20 to 40 percent of most African Americans, even the ones that are dark as shit like Jordan are like 20 percent European, mixed aa’s like drake and Megan Markle aren’t 50 percent white and 50 percent black it’s more 70 or 80 to only 20 percent black, which is why in Africa Obama looks mixed but here in the states isn’t even considered a light skin
Right! All AAs are mixed with something but no one stops them in the streets and say ‘hey you have a European genotype, you are not full black’
Africans and their obsession with European features:gucciwhat:
Look at Gucci mane he has some white in him but hey you wouldn’t know that cause he doesn’t look mixed.

Shit I look biracial but I am pure African :hillarybiz:
You can't ever say something like "You lot" without coming off as holier-than-thou
It's true, though. They can't let go of this fetish with racial genetics even when the topic is someone's death. It's both in bad taste and very weird at the same time. What you're is what you're, however tautological that sounds. No amount of racial genetics analysis or distancing yourself from certain definitions will help you find within you to love yourself if you're like this.


Victim blaming much ?
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