Story time


Anything for master yb from slave #638 💚💚💚💯💯
As-salamu alaykum sspot when I was 13 I was in a trampoline park doing back flips then I saw a Becky 5'3 compressed ass double cheeked up on a Friday afternoon so I decided to jump on all the square and jump off the top of the boxes to my amusement I somehow midway in backflip crashed into some madow who pushed me out of the way I feel on my neck nearly saw junnah :jcoleno:everybody was looking at me the girl was laughing my friends were laughing went to the dodgeball court and knocked him out just to get a 100 mph dodge ball from his 22 year old cousin :wow:the theme don't do shit for a *** who won't like you back :ufdup:this is a life lesson from afonso I'm turning 26 tomorrow


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