Stormy Daniels - Gold Digger Finest

It is so amazing how she never said this before he became president, come on the Democrats must be desperate truly and how much did they pay her because people don't say things like that humiliating themselves on TV being known as a woman who cheated on a married man and potentially destroying people's home, for nothing.

What u think the pay check was from the democrat party? and trump forgot that good ole 2pac saying, dont trust dem ***eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees loooooooooooooool, if they willing to sell their own ass as prostitutes, they wont mince their words when it comes to selling your ass to the highest bidder that comes. Trump gave her 130k, So I assume the dems doubled it and she did wat all ***s do start selling out trump ass cause she sells her own ass as prostitute lol

Notice Trump calling India Largest Democracy only??? They won't dare say America and India have shared values at all, he uses many words to get around it lol. He says its a great democracy, your constitutions starts we the people like the american system.

He is trying hard to find common ground loooooooooooool but he wont say shared values because there is nothing in india thats unites them on values that supercedes their differences with all the corruption, they will just look by and not care as long as one of their own is corrupt lol.

When he speaks to europeans he says shared values they will all come out if u touch their constitution or values inside it, regardless who they are, race, gender, religion, political party it dont matter they will lynch u on the spot. Because those values unite them not their differences.

Where-as in India it's not about values but copying the system from the west and having a paper democracy basically but there is nothing in india that unites them across party lines, ethnicity, religion, etc and their system is just built on divisionary party politics which will split them in the end anyways looooooooooool on top of all the other splits among them across gender, tribe, religion, rich n poor, caste system.

If we had a neo traditional system we would be known as a different system but SHARED VALUES countries and who cares what the system is, we want a unique one that is somali owned and answers our somali needs. So we will be referred to as shared value states but with unique traditional approaches.
We need to talk at clan level not individual level when we consider a system for somalia. It's better having them send their most respected they want and pass on their priority to the govt who protects the shared values of the nation. What a clan thinks is where their people think, they're is no need to find out what each person thinks at all or votes.

Separate money and guns and put that into a trusted clan elder council who has to approve in a consensus style and the govt has to seek approval from them. Then the courts have to be separated and deal with values and the laws protecting it and anyone who breaches it. Then set up a criminal system between people on people crimes. Then have proper auditing offices that inspects each sector plus govt they abiding by the shared values of the country.