Stock traders come in

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I requested a forum section for stocks, it got denied because of the low interest. Have you seen where the business section is buried?

There's a reason we don't have a Somali business channel, we love politics and calaacal.
Yes, but how do you know you're the only trader on here? You're one of the few that's brave enough to tie their public identity with their online one, so if I were you I'd be more careful about how I come across. In my opinion saying you're the only trader on a forum with hundreds of active Somali users comes off as a bit arrogant, whether that was your intention or not. And just to let you know, you're not the only trader on here.
Larry when are you gonna drop more videos on your YouTube channel? :gucciwhat:

Your YouTube channel was good :damedamn:

But breh, when are we gonna get another video, the streets need that:damnmusic:


I'm going to drop a massive series.

Just been really tied up with some other commitments.

I will address everyone about why I have been missing.
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