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Step by step instructions on how to not be a Twitter simp as a Somali man!

Due to the self hatred, gender wars etc I feel obligated to sauce up those Somali men who have not been raised by geesi and merit full Aabos. This will be how to handle Women and twitter/social media and trolls.

Follow these rules and you shall be a Geesi Somali man that is admired across the 5 Oceans.

1. Follow who you know. If you cannot fulfil this, make sure their tweets do not attack their own people aka YOU! You want to follow real, authentic people who have dhaqan and are cultured not begs.

2. Do not get involved with arguments with Women. As a Somali man, you should avoid bickering and association with women outside of Business or Relationships. You are a simp otherwise. “Naaga ha dhexgalin”

3. If you witness slandering of on the TL do not reply and slander back - this validates the original crap and makes you look pathetic.

4. Use social media in general for your interests, business or even show off etc. Avoid DM’ing Women as you will risk to be exposed. Let them finger themselves.

5. Data and statistics already show that simping levels among the Somali man to be the lowest in the world. With the White man topping the list. I want to further lower this prospect.

5. Now you have become a Nin. You should acquire the abundance mindset and live to your potential!

6. I will not make a version for Women because - Naagaha ma dhexgalo.

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