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Sspot members of 2019 Awards

Wiilyam Ina Sheekh Zubeer

in self-quarantine since 1603

I kind of have to respectfully disagree on your nomination for having the best GIF game. I believe that goes to @Wiilyam Ina Sheekh Zubeer I forgot to include him in my list.
Wallahi I went back to my list :urgh:
:farmajoyaab:how could I have forgotten to nominate my brother @P@$T0 for being one of the funniest and all around most chill members on here?
A true akhi :salute:

For real, @Wiilyam Ina Sheekh Zubeer truly is an orator and the heir to Hadrawi's throne
Nah bro you are honouring me more than I deserve. I am neither a Shakespeare nor a Hadraawi I just talk trash on the internet, with the occasional moment of clarity, and so far I am enjoying it.:obama::rejoice:


Classy not Ashy, walaahi

This I agree with but my hunch tells me that @mrlog is actually @Basra trolling with another dirac.

@Samaalic Era

Let that be the only award given in 2019, “the Most Twisted” and the winner should be none other than @mrlog aka @Basra.
@Calaf @AussieHustler
two cockroaches baad tihiin

I had two gazelles in the DM’s who are ignoring me now couse u said I am Twisted
@Gibiin-Udug may I hire u as a lawyer?
I want to sue for defamation and reputation tarnishing
Comment of the year 2019 goes to @AussieHustler for his firing from a job with a twist of terror. I never laughed so hard in my life. That shit was hilarious.

Female of the year 2019 @Saredo. She my inadertee she me homey yo She my future wife.

Man of the year 2019 goes to @Bohol for the conquest of Caare with huge swat of territories in Jeeganland.

Funniest menber of the year 2019 goes to eedo @Basra

One man Army award goes to @Dr.Osman for all his one man platinium threads.

Best patriot award and My partner in crime and the best Darod in the block goes to @kickz

Best somalilander and most stable and reasonable PERSON to debate from that enclave goes to @Abdurahman_somali
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this looks like when an actor wins an award and mention all the important people. They always end with last but not least and mention the most important person. Thank you :****aanyosmile:


Most Inspirational/Talented @Finesse unity figure and preaches self-improvement and is an all-round great sspot member @Samaalic Era creative user and i injoy most of his threads awesome poster makes occasional funny and entertaining threads and my bro @Geeljire sanbuur best freind i ever had awesome guy with a down to earth attitude, hardly gets annoyed even with the haters is allways proud of his views and doesnt look for validation great cool guy and am proud to call me best freind and bro and @sigmund one of my all time favourite xalimos proud somali girl loves to defend the somali communtiy great social justice warrior especially when she got a racist black guy fired after making racist remarks against somalis and is one of the all time great legends of somalispot @Yaquub cool awesome bro great poster positive guy who preaches unity and respect and urges for the improvement and prosperity of our homeland

Most outrageous members @lil boss angry dude trolls every thread and constantly harasses me for some strange reason

Most positive members
@kickz awesome guy preaches unity and peace and is a great positive fellow who believes in a bright future for the otherwise dark and shallow place we calll our homelands @TekNiKo cool fellow nationalist somali proud guy loves to defend our president and homeland from the ocassional haters and trolls @Nilotufian love her positivity and extreme nationalism and pride, and by far my favorite xalimo on sspot/

Most hateful members
@AussieHustler a communist self hating somali who occasionally trashes his own people and gets suprised when he receives gashin ratings @Knowles an angry femenist who trashes on abdis any chance she gets

Funniest members@Arma cool guy love his posts and i injoy his occasional funny videos @CaliTedesse by far the most entertaining poster who just injoys adding his usual out of the way wacky funny comments in most threads very light hearted un serious guy @Timo Jareer and proud cool guy who just injoys messing around with threads and is allways a down to earth guy with a funny attitutude to most threads

biggest qabilists by far the most annoying two guys who ironically all belong to the same clan even though majority of the members are sane these guys cant go a thread or a day without mentioning how superior their tribe is @Teeri-Alpha @tyrannicalmanager and @Django
also @DROSMAN who excels in making essays after essays about scientific qabiilism

Most intellectual @Apollo by far the msot inteleectually smart user specialises in genetics
@Factz very smart guy and sspots main historian he has inspired me and i wish to follow his footsteps one day

Most casual @Crow a cool light-hearted dude with awesome views @land owner awesome laid back dude with great funny memes very cool poster whoes posts i injoy

Most articulate @Basra cool and funny and the best eedo i ever had

Most twisted users @Grant a colonial white supremacist wannabe born in the wrong generation and is allways out their to get the impossibly out of control somalis under his whip and dreams of colonizing and enslaving the strong powerful Cushitic somali race a people who have allways outwitted the white race and who grants seeks to put and end to.

and to eveyryone else thank you so much for making this a great and injoyable site
Thank you appreciate the love


The next worst thing since Bogans on Ice
14 pages later and I just realised no one mentions me unless I post about being forgotten, I see how it is guys.
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