SSPOT Boxing Match 2020

Main Card
- @Revolutionary VS @486th President
- @Halimo Supremist VS @Hassan mahat
Under Card
- @BlackJack VS @Manafesto
- @Dalmoor VS @Octavian
- @Abdisamad VS @Sumaaya
- @bitterbish VS @Quruxley

You Will Have 6 Rounds Each Being 2 Minutes You May Not Hit When They Are On The Floor You May Not Hit Below The Belt


👍🏾 Rating For @486th President
❤ Rating For @Revolutionary
💀 Rating For @Halimo Supremist
🙏🏾 Rating For @Hassan mahat

You may not vote for yourself 👀
I'd pay real money to watch the @Halimo Supremist vs @Hassan mahat fight, they've been beefing for far too long its time to drop addresses
I’d be ringside on that fight no cap fam niggas been going back at it for how long I wonder how @Halimo Supremist would fight like I heard she was in MMA or something



[[Puntland Republic 🇸🇱]]PIM[[C.S(BihinYusuf)]
The only people I recognize from that list is @Abdisamad @Manafesto and @Dalmoor

I'm not being shady but who are all these people? Did they change their names or are they new members? Including the OP.

First of all welcome my Queen.:salute:
During your absence (Honeymoon I think) new F3mcels took over the generals, as you can see the their trending threads are "What Sspot members would you fight with " , one of them will probably post " What Sspot members would you slide in their DMs":pachah1:

Hassan mahat

I karbash wahabist salafis daily.
I will pay money for that to happen. I will decimate her and then Helen will b!tch slap her during the the post press conference.