Speaking of good credit. Here is a funny Somali dude who tried to get loan from me.


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@AbdiGaalDoon and others who discussed credits before. Look at this Somali dude who tried to get loan from me again when he never paid back a $100 loan I gave him in the past and even said "what is this $100 you talking about"? And his credit score is 300 not surprisingly.

This is why you can't loan Somalis even cousins you can't.

He says he has bad memory. So memory is good when he has something in his favour but when he ruined his past trustworthiness his memory all of a sudden is bad.



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He 100% will never pay back. I don't understand his brian, he knows he clearly never repaid me previous 100 and he knows I know yet he still wants to come back to me wtf? Does he lie to himself?

He's gaslighting if he's claiming to forget that you loaned him money before. For your own sanity, block him. Gaslighters are one of the worst kinds of people. You dont establish relationships with gaslighters, forget about maintaining one. The other issue is he's using his hourly wage to gain sympathy from you. He's mentally focking with you because he sees you as an easy target. His income is none of your concern. Don't feel bad and get rid of him.