Southerners loves to kill each other: another explosion

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Why are they terrorizing the poor civilians? Please pray two rakka's and usooo duce for the people of Mogdisho.


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I just remembered the UN said there were 4 car bombs in the city. I think one went off yesterday and then there's this one. At least two more to go.
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Ha igu daalinee dantaada raac
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I believe the reason Al shabaab got so much power is because they get a lot of support from clans in Somalia

The only effective justice system there right now is Al shabaab if someone got a dispute over land or issue with a rivaling business guess who they contact
Aun! at this point it's time the ppl of mogadishu start asking themselves when will thy work together to prevent this? There is a lot that can be done and the security forces in somalia and amisom are negligent and responsible for these deaths. Why are they not putting trackers in every car until al shabaab are defeated and security gets better? why not close down the whole city and search every car that comes in and goes out. Then use the trackers to locate the person that sold them the cars and aided them, and question and arrest them if they are implicated.
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