Southerners and Northerners land swap

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When will Xaarmaajo stop fearing Abiy?
lol it already actually happened. 19 HJ got killed over it. The deserts are very prized in the north. :hillarybiz:

War yaa Ilaahay yaqaan.
Wtf is this?

We even fighting over desert kkkkkkk

Ok if there is oil beneath it, i get it.
Ok if there is water beneath the surface, i understand.

But a fucking desert:tocry:


"I'd kill for a Noble Peace Prize"
Call me weird or perceptive but walahi I can't help but feel a hint of condescension in such phrases like " they are hospitable and nice people, oo they are just civilized and peaceful" Such masaakiins walahi"

Some of the most loaded backhanded compliments you can ever come across!

Would be wicked to read some pple's take on this.:sass1:

@Duke of Bohol the entirety of Baydhabo in exchange of what lol the ree Jaamac blood soaked dessert? bro, Baydhabo and it's surrounding prized farm lands and water ways are as valuable if not more than the entirity of Burco and Cerigaabo:umad:


"I'd kill for a Noble Peace Prize"
@Gambar, Salaamz walalo, Inabtigaa Duke riyadiisa inaga daayoo, would you be kind enough to gimme a short analytical take on the first part of my comment? Thanks!

John Michael

Free my girl Jodi!
Jamaame is majority Biimaal though with other communities there such as Madowweyne, Surre etc. So how can they all know each other?
Just like every other small town in the south there is a mix of clans. But yes it's biimal majority.

Lots of old Mogadishu know each other as well. Same with kismaayo.

Btw I'm Madowweyne. :icon lol:
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