South Asian Muslim females are raised to reject foreigners at young age

I don't know what arranged marriages are villanized so viciously--many non-arranged marriages end up in divorce anyways. After you marry someone out of "love", you'll quickly realize that it was only really infatuation that brought you two together and infatuation is nothing if not temporary.

Cultures in which people have arranged marriages tend to be very strict about divorce.

So what happens is that a woman could be in an abusive marriage and due to the stigma surrounding divorce, she will have no other option but to endure the abuse.

You would be suprised at the amount of disrespect, abuse and all around unhappiness men and women from that community put up with just so that they can say they are not divorced.

Btw, i believe there is nothing wrong with arranged marriages as long as the couple are given sufficient time to get to know each other and have the choice to refuse if they feel they are not a match.

In the future, if I was blessed with children inshaallah i would love to introduce like minded and educated men/women from families I can vouch for to my children. But I would never force them and would allow them to get to know them organically.