something must be addressed


Deku 💚
But still you were sent there so that sums up the answers anyway.
You haven't adjusted well in your host nation. What makes you believe you can judge people irrespective of their actions.

You are not perfect either.
I have adjusted well, still dosen't make this dump any better


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So you saw this nasty shit too? what was your reaction?

i just dont wanna tell em
No I haven't saw this when growing up , only the fobs that arrived in South Africa during 2010.

This is all started in 2001 , however , thanks to these lawless nomads populating in the cities.
Ofcourse my reactions was appalled not only with their flamboyant way of gestures but when talking or being silent they tend to mouth breathe.

That was shocking considering that never was the case in the Somalia I once knew.

Tbh we immediately adviced these new comers if they continue that
people will percieve them that way.
This nigga though, what makes you think you are any better than the ones back home
Quit the condescending at least they are contended with their lives in their paper states meanwhile you are a dhaqancelis playing gay songs in the masjid.

Now who's the worse one.

The audacity of this dude lfmao.
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An Cadaan friend of my mother told her about this practice (she saw fobs holding hands, she thought that the country was gay-friendly kkkk)

Kinda weird but there's nothing wrong if two men hold hands.
What if they are blood-brothers?
Or a father and his son?

I genuinely believe that men have to show affection to each other.
Nothing wrong with that



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