some guys here are addicted to women...

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Steel Magnolia
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A Little birdie told me that you have quite the debating skills:gaasdrink:, however, i will not go easy on you because of your gender.
Quick and swift
I haven't decided if you'll do the walk of shame in a niqaab or a bikini.:westbrookswag: I heard you're a Farax with a big ol booty so I intend on watching very closely. :sass1:


Yuusuf direed Founding Father of Ahlu-naar
From their bodies, shortcomings, their opinion, where they went etc..... Its not healthy. :gucciwhat:
Only sexually frustrated faarax would amuse himself on speculation of women, while real G like me are busy hustlin women's thighs like an untamed beast garnishing the meat laid before him like there is no tomorrow.

If i was given an cent for the amount of women i banged i would been a wealthy man indeed and no bragging.
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