Somalithopia: The United States of East Africa

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I'm glad to know you guys are keeping Saudi religious fascism out of your country. That's what Somalia failed to do and you see the trouble we're in. You don't want an Al-Shabab or Boko Haram in Addis.

So you support Berhan Nega? Doesn't that make you an enemy of the government? Afterall this guy wants to overthrow the state by violence. What makes him great in your eyes? What does he offer that the present administration does not?
I don't think a terrorist organization could function among Ethiopians. They wouldn't allow a group who only kills civilians to function.

I didn't say I support him. I said that I have the same views as him i.e. Land ownership for farmers, ending of ethnostates, and free and fair elections. I don't support civil war.

Ethiopians are no longer in the mood for civil war, that's where he makes a mistake. He should have been calling for peace and real elections, instead of fighting a unwinable war. The people are not on the rebels side.

The development that the gov is doing is really changing my mind about them. Although they need reforms to keep the growth inclusive, they are doing a relatively decent job. The people should just keep pushing for reforms through civil disobedience instead of violence. I have hope that they will change in due time.
I was in the nightclub sinning with a married woman between whose legs I wanted to stick my tongue. Stefanie was kitted out in a backless dress that could make a blind man cry and a neckline that plunged lower than a scuba diver. I was decked out in my best white khamees with a copy of Ibn Taymiyya tucked under my deodarised armpit. The booze was flowing, the babes were jumping, and the organ of my body which the clerics told me not to play with was throbbing. Life was good.

After some dirty dancing of a kind that I cannot repeat on here, I leaned in with a devious smile and, putting on my sexy voice, purred, "Sugarlips, why don't you bail on your ugly husband with the missing tooth and take up with a real man like me?" Blushing on all four cheeks, the sweetie replied in a cute African accent "I would luff to, but my rightwing Xabashi parents will be cross if I bring home a Somali hunk."

I've had similiar experiences with Ethiopian honeyz whose clan want them to keep the romance within national boundaries. Got me thinking: Can there ever be a union between Somalia and Ethiopia so that Xabashi chicks can turn tricks for Somali dicks? Can there be a United States of Somalithopia? Maybe even a union of all cushitic people into one big republic. It's been done before. Syria, Egypt and Libya dissolved into one Arab nation in the Twentieth Century. Do we have the visionaries to make it work?

Whats wrong with this nigga :westbrookwtf:

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We raped you in 1977. Siyad would have marched on Addis Ababa if it weren't for those pesky Cubans and Russians. But I'm not here to stoke up nationalistic fervor.

Somalia can not live from past memories.
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