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Somalispot Monastery: Session 4


Lord Maximus
Time: 18:44 GMT , 02:44 Beijing Central Time.

Topic: Temper and Final Warnings
If you are faced with a person who is trying his best to impress you, pretend that you’re impressed

If you are faced with an Infuriating Bastard, you give him no rest.

Uppercut him , then pour Boiling water over his head.

If he fights back, call the Police for a swift resolution. Reconcile with the stranger you fought with and discuss the incident. Find solutions and preventative measures to curb violence.

Q1) What have you learnt from this lecture?

Q2) Do you believe that violence is always a solution? State why/why not

TEAMWORK: Come up with a spider-map with your colleagues of the different reasons for why an individual may resort to violence