i believe somalis are one of the most passionate peoples on earth with an incredible depth
but of the emotional type that is caged. it needs an outlet that can only be ideological,
and an ideology is a thing of the mind not emotions. so somalis need to form a mental relationship
with their islamic ideology only then can they properly unleash the full potent in them for them
to thrive and take their proper place in the scheme of things in this world, LEADERS.
I was pleasently surprised by this post, I thought it was gonna be another self-hate fueled post with another person bashing on their own people but it's somebody talking about the positive qualities of Somalis, good job!

And you're totally right.
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We have to think about a socio-economical-political ideology which is compatible with the civilizational substrate of somalis
We have to think about a socio-economical-political ideology which is compatible with the civilizational substrate of somalis View attachment 201174
maybe we need to solve the great dissonance in our civilizational substrate. on one side. we somalis are the possessors of a free mind eager to run amok and a confining and extremely cautioning heart dreary of divine confrontation. when we settle this duel then we can either go for the western liberal model or the islamic conservative one
It is … only a conditional commonplace truth on the faith of which Jean-Baptiste-Say( liberal French economist in 1800s) would exclude politics from his doctrine. In every case it is the chief desideratum that the administration should be good; but the efficiency of the administration depends on the form of government, and that form of government is clearly the best which most promotes the moral and material welfare and the future progress of any given nation. Nations have made some progress under all forms of government. But a high degree of economical development has only been attained in those nations whose form of government has been such as to secure to them a high degree of freedom and power, of steadiness of laws and of policy, and efficient institutions.

Hence, the nature of things led the great monarchies to adopt such political measures as tended to restrict the importation of foreign manufactured goods, and foreign commerce and navigation, and to favour the progress of their own manufactures, and their own commerce and navigation. Instead of raising revenue as they had previously done by duties on the raw materials which they exported, they were henceforth principally levied on the imported manufactured goods. The benefits offered by the latter policy stimulated the merchants, seamen, and manufacturers of more highly civilised cities and countries to immigrate with their capital into the great
monarchies, and stimulated the spirit of enterprise of the subjects of the latter.

List, F. (1841). The national system of political economy, English Edition (1904).
London: Longman.


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