Somalis with Cadaan names


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my name derived from the arab version ; Yunus , Younis,
and then it was derived from the greek name "Ionas" , and it was derived from the hebrew name "Jonah"

Jonah, Johannes, Younis, Yonis, Yunus, Ionas
I have 3 other names, all somalis, pure!:hillarybiz:


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I've a friend who's mom is named Linda, she got that name because her father was good friends with an Italian man and she was named after the Italian man's wife.

It's so weird calling her habo Linda, I feel like those words don't go together loool.
Mikeal is the name of an angel.
Somalis use some weird nicknames.
I know a guy named hebel John and gaalismoodwho is a drunkard. Also in somalia if someone calls you johnka that means your badass or tough.